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ABAYPAMILYA is a gathering of families, family organizations, parents, and youth associations nationwide, that value, foster and work to protect the fundamental rights of parents, children and the family.

It is a COMELEC-registered and COMELEC-accredited partylist organization.

Why does ABAYPAMILYA focus on the FAMILY?

ABAYPAMILYA focuses on the family because the family and human life today has come increasingly under seige from forces that are detrimental to it.

We all value our families. The Constitution of the Philippines recognizes this and makes it the duty of government to protect marriage, family, and life:

"The State recognizes the Filipino family as the foundation of the nation. Accordingly, it shall strengthen its solidarity and actively promote its total development." (Article XV, Sec.1).

"The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. ... " (Art. II, Sec.12)

Have the interests of the Filipino Family been protected in past Congresses?

Unfortunately NOT. Here are some bills that have threatened the integrity of family and life:

Protect and strengthen
the family
  HB 6993 legalizing absolute divorce
  HB 882 & SB 872 legalizing absolute divorce
  HB 7091 allowing children to divorce their parents
  HB 1074 lowering minimum age requirement for marriage
Protect the life of the unborn
from conception
  HB 6343 legalizing abortion
  HB 7193 'reproductive rights' for women, including abortion
  HB 4110 'reproductive health' (high-risk artificial
  contraception including abortifacients, "safe sex")
Uphold and protect
the natural structure and
rights of the family
  HB 7165 legalizing same-sex unions and "domestic partnerships"
  HB 6416 'non-discrimination' legalizing same-sex marriages
Uphold the natural
autonomy of the family
  HB 6123 & 8110 legalizing totalitarian depopulation activities
  HB 4110 criminalizing spousal/parental intervention in
  'reproductive rights'
Uphold the right of spouses to
found a family in accordance with
their religious convictions
  Pasay City Council Resolution urging married couples to
  undergo vasectomy & ligation after two children
Uphold and protect the basic
right of parents to rear their
own children in morality
  HB 8110 & 4110 mandating 'information and education' in
  'safe sex' regardless of age, status, gender, without
  parental guidance or participation
Strengthen the family as
a basic economic force
  RA 8424 (Tax Reform Code) limiting tax exemption of heads of
  families to only 4 children
  RA 1161 (Social Security Law) allowing maternity benefits only
  for the first 4 deliveries
  RA 8187 (Paternity Leave Act) allowing paternity leave benefits
  only for the first 4 children

The composition of the next Congress will be crucial, considering the proposals to make the new Congress a Constituent Assembly to amend the Constitution!

What has ABAYPAMILYA done about all this?

Consistently since its organization in the year 2000, the ABAYPAMILYA coalition of family organizations has successfully repulsed the passage in Congress of the bills that seek to legalize abortion, euthanasia, divorce, and same-sex unions.

What has ABAYPAMILYA done for women?

ABAYPAMILYA saves women from abortion by filing a case to ban POSTINOR, the 'morning-after pill', for its abortifacient effect on the unborn. The ban has been upheld by the Department of Health. This makes the Philippines the only country in Asia, and the second in the world to ban this bill.

As a party list organization desiring to be elected to Congress,
what is the ABAYPAMILYA platform?

ABAYPAMILYA will continue its vigilance in pro-family and pro-life advocacy along the principles contained in the ABAYPAMILYA DECLARATION OF FAMILIES.